• Arrow Keys: movement
  • Z: shoot
  • X: shoot vertically
  • A/S: change weapons (after you've unlocked them)

The game won't save your acquired weapons on the browser. To do so, you have to download TIC-80 and use it to play the amethist_waters.tic cartridge in the downloads section.

Amethyst Waters

Play and explore deep sea caverns with your submarine in this procedurally generated shoot 'em up.

The game was created for the TIC-80 fantasy console with the Fennel programming language. Check the full source code on GitHub. The source and all the assets are provided under the GPLv3 license.

  • Art: sketch created on Aseprite then refined on TIC-80 built-in graphics editor;
  • Music: first version tracked on MilkyTracker, then refined on TIC-80 built-in tracker;
  • Sound effetcs: created using TIC-80 built-in sfx editor;
  • Background algae: created by my girlfriend, Zahra Ouahbi, as she's learning to make pixel art.
  • Testing: special thanks to Pedro Marcondes and Adam Grandin for testing the game before submission.
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorStefan Devai
Made withTIC-80
Tags2D, fantasy-console, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Shoot 'Em Up, TIC-80


amethyst_waters.tic 73 kB

Install instructions

Play online or download TIC-80, download the cartridge amethyst_waters.tic and open it within TIC-80.

Development log


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this is likely my favorite game on the tic 80 and i don't even usually care for shmups.  great job!

I have superpowers but nothing changes?

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I get a compile error when I download the tic file and try to run it in TIC-80.

Nice game. I really like your graphics. Tiny pixel art is such fun. Thanks for making a fun game.

howsabout more bosses and weapons? but still, good work, you're great

Sure! I actually planned a lot more for the game, but the 10 days of the jam flew by haha. I want to add new bosses and weapons now that the jam is finished though


What an exciting game! i finally beat the boss with the third weapon, it was quite tough! Image

Graphics and music reminded me of Environmental Station Alpha, gameplay of Space Impact. The level had a nice ebb and flow difficulty curve, and the three weapons gave a reason to try again after dying. 

This is surely a welcome addition to the fantasy console scene (and the first game I've seen made with a pre-release v0.80 of TIC-80!). I'd like to see a post-jam version of this one day!

Nice that you were able to beat it and thanks for your comment! :D Yeah, I’ll surely make a post-jam version. I want to improve the boss’ AI, animation and also recreate the win screen, it was a complete improvisation in 20min for the jam.